The Rwanda Cinema Centre (RCC) is a community-based organization established in 2003. The RCC’s goal is to develop an alternative sector in Rwanda’s economy. This is done by creating a space equipped with audiovisual and human resources. The facilities boast high quality technology to advance film industry ideas, products and services. The RCC intends to encourage policy makers and partners in development to participate in the Centre’s mission by supporting the emerging film industry in Rwanda. The RCC has produced its own films and developed skills to enable a culture of self-employment to take root with those whom it has trained. Its goal is to provide training in all skills related to audiovisual fields and filmmaking.

The RCC’s approach is already being adapted in Uganda and Kenya with our advice and participation. Using the principle of learning by doing, the Centre offers its training through local personnel who have undergone rigorous training and who contribute frequently to workshops and productions in the region. The pool of trained personnel is constantly growing, with some already attached to international production houses and offering their skills in specific areas of needs.