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19th-26th October 2019

The Festival celebrates African films (from the continent and the Diaspora) and a selection from international (PANORAMA) highlighting the best in African filmmaking and potential newcomers in the industry and arts of cinema.

Rwanda Film Festival 2019 Awards

Rwanda Film Festival 2019 Official Selection


  1. Duga, the vultures by Abdoulaye Diao & Eric Lengani, Burkina Faso
  2. The White line by Desiree Kahikopo, Namibia
  3. Mayfair by Sara Bletcher, South Africa
  4. Rattlesnakes by Julius Amedume, USA
  5. Redemption by Mickey Fonseca, Mozambique
  6. Mercy of the jungle by Joel Karekezi, Rwanda
  7. Bad luck Joe by Ramesh Jai Gulabrai, Ghana
  8. Honor by Ahmed Baidou, Morocco
  9. Chateau by Modi Barry & Cedric Ido, France
  1. Measure of a woman by Sara Blecher, South Africa
  2. Life! by Ramesh Jai, Ghana
  3. Zombies by Baloji, Democratic Republic of Congo
  4. Mma Moeketsi by Reabetswe Moeti, South Africa
  5. Our Albertina by Chantel Clark, South Africa
  6. Sukut by Ganza Moise, Rwanda
  7. Wavamizi by Jesse Kyalo, Kenya
  8. Mama Bobo by Robin Andelfinger and Ibrahima Seydi, Senegal
  9. Domestic Accident by Luke Oyovbaire, Nigeria
  10. I got my things and l§eft by Philbert Aimé Mbabazi, Rwanda
  11. The German King by Adetokumboh M’Cormack, USA
  12. Doors of Mercy by Abdallah El Daly, Egypt
  13. Intense practice to improve performance by Yasser Shafiey, Egypt
  14. Silence by Tolu Ajayi, Nigeria
  15. Kazungu by Yuhi Amuli, Rwanda
  16. White Feathers by Leul Shoaferwa, Burkina Faso
  17. Songs of Solitude by Tarig Elmakki, United Kingdom
  18. Luna by Bora Shingiro, Rwanda 

Short documentaries

  1. The old man and the mountain by Mohamed Rida Gueznai, Morocco
  2. The rise of African Female drummers by Alabi Akindele, Nigeria
  3. E'ville Elisabethville by Nelson Makengo, Democratic Republic of Congo
  4. Womb dance by Ratsheko Nthite, South Africa, 2019

Long documentaries 

  1. Freedom isn't free - The freedom charter today by Martin Jansen, South Africa
  2. Between God and I by Yara Cosat, Mozambique
  3. Silent Forests by Maria Wilson, USA 
  1. The unknown sweet potato seller by Ahmed Roshdy, Egypt
  2. Isolated by Brian K Tarus, Kenya
  3. Black Barbie by Comfort Arthur, Ghana
  4. An unfinished love by Rami El Harayri, Netherlands
  5. Battledream Chronicles: A new beginning by Alain Bidard, France/Martinique
  6. Azumah: the Ghanaian Hero by Nil Ofei Kyei Dodoo, Ghana
  7. Escape from Planet Zold by Bailey Spencer and Tanyaradzwa Musasiwa, South Africa
  8. Stay by Boukef Shawki Med Taher, Algeria
  1.  Life as it is by Uche Odoh, Nigeria
  2. It’s really Renee by Lemo Coney, USA
  3. Freedom Street by Mlingane Dube, South Africa
  4. Busted by Deejay Sa’id, Nigeria
  5. Ngalangala by Tom Johns, Tanzania 


  1. Adamstown, long  feature film by Patrick Merz and Henning WÖtzel-Herber, Germany
  2. Muri twe , tv serie by Charles Senga, Rwanda
  3. Karani ngufu (long feature film based on web-serie) by Joseph Njata Waweru, Carine Munyana, Deve Shema, Wanny Bernard Musabe, Rwanda 

A special tribute to the late Denis Nsanzamahoro

1. Rwasa by Denis Nsanzamahoro Rwanda

MAP Mobile Films mentored and edited by Eric Kabera:

2. Amazing dog by Hassan Ngendahimana, Dorcas, Elia, Sandrine, Rwanda

3. Telephone by Jean-Marie Vianney Ntawirema, Erick, Jeanette, Rwanda

4. Headphones by Florence Nyirasengiyumva, Leonard, Assia, Samuel, Rwanda

5. The Plate at school by Esther Musabyimana, Reuben, Germain Mbonigabo, Leonard, Rwanda