Kenya 2014 | Feature Narrative | 62min | Director: Vincent Faras Cavallo

Screening: Sunday 24th July, Gisenyi, 19h 30

An intricately woven suspense thriller set in Nairobi’s Somali immigrant community. MoMo is a Somali urban refugee who runs the community radio station WAZI?FM with his Kenyan friend Kevo. Everything is going well until the team stumble upon a dark secret and MoMo vanishes. A Kenyan Special Forces Inspector is now trying to understand what really happened before MoMo’s disappearance. Does it involve terrorism or police corruption, or both?



Director Bio:

Vincenzo Cavallo AKA Dr. Faras is a filmmaker, an academic and a human rights activist. Dr. Faras or Dr.Farasi has been working in Europe, Africa and Latin America under different names. He started to work in Italy for RAI TV, after few years he moved to Kenya to work for UN. Since 2007 he co-founded Cultural Video Foundation and under it’s name he has produced several documentaries, tv series, web series and feature films.