The Africa Movie Academy Awards, popularly known as AMAA and The AMA Awards, are presented annually to recognize excellence among professionals working in, or non-African professionals who have contributed to, the African film industry. It was founded by Peace Anyiam-Osigwe and is run through the Africa Film Academy. The awards are aimed at honoring and promoting excellence in the African movie industry as well as uniting the African continent through arts and culture. This year the event will take place in Rwanda and to honor the past winner, the festival will showcase a special program containing the 14 best films from the past 14 editions of the AMAA.

A shape of our future

Young Rwandan filmmakers are putting their mark on the world’s cinema stage. At this year’s edition, we will select the best 10 shorts films our of Rwanda from the past 5 years to highlight the evolution and changes through time. Most of the featured young filmmakers have learned by doing and still have been able to challenge the status quo and promote their own and unique form of storytelling. This special program will be accompanied by a panel discussion with young Rwandan filmmakers which will focus on the heritage that they want to leave behind through their storytelling and own approach to cinema.