« Imagination is more important than knowledge ».
Albert Einstein

The power of imagination is the ultimate creative power. Film is an immediate example that the power of vivid imagination can transcend genre and encompass all other forms of Art – there is no limit to what one can do when it comes to imagination.

It all starts with an idea – everything we see around us began as an idea. Everything. First there’s the idea, then there’s the manifestation of the idea – we live in a time and age where the sky is no longer the limit in terms of where your imagination can take you. Our minds always take on a versatile form.

Versatility is the ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities. In many ways, film embodies, the theme of versatility, since it’s invention in the early 19th century, the way filmmakers approach filmmaking and the art of filmmaking itself, has changed and adapted to the changing situations throughout the world. This year, the festival has chosen to focus on this theme, through films that embody and showcase versatility, through their filmmaking techniques employed to create them, through the several and diverse storytelling techniques presented in them as well.