Hillywood 11

Posted on: Friday, July 10th, 2015

Hillywood — ‘The Cinema of the People, by the people and for the people’

For the past ten years, the Rwanda Film Festival has brought beauty, laughter, entertainment and education to the remote hills of Rwanda with our traveling Hillywood program. Spending each day in a new location, the Hillywood portion of the festival brings together hundreds of filmgoers to enjoy the beauty of the seventh art.

The section mostly features local talent. 90 percent of all the films shown during our traveling cinema are made in the local language, Kinyarwanda – allowing us to reach all Rwandans and ensuring that the message is clear.

Hillywood is both artistically and morally rewarding – most of those enjoying our outdoor screenings have never seen a film made in Kinyarwanda by local filmmakers and actors prior to that.

The first time the audience experience cinema that allows them to relate to what’s on the screen, is always a moving experience for them – these powerful and priceless reactions to Hillywood gives us every reason to ensure that we aim to keep this irreplaceable tradition alive in every edition of the festival.

The sense of discovery is what makes this section unique and also what cements it as one of the most important parts of the festival. We aim to reach 500 to 1000 people at each one of the selected remote locations.

We welcome anyone interested in joining us on this unforgettable journey!

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