Every year we bring a great team together to bring this festival to life thanks to donations from people like you. Every penny is a good start to keep us going, and it’s highly appreciated, you can donate anything from 1$. Help us keep Hillywood alive by donating here. To donate, please use the PayPal button below.

The biggest amount from the donation we are able to collect this year, before the start of our 2018 edition will mainly go toward our youth and children program. What we give to the world, will shape what happens tomorrow, the generation of tomorrow are our young artists and filmmakers, that we want to bring together and exchange ideas via a workshop and film screening.

We are planning to organize the youth program at Club Rafiki and for the children program, we will be working with the Kimisagal Youth Center. More update on the program will be added here soon. So follow us on Facebook and Twitter, to keep yourself up to date with all our programs this year.