NEW AFRICA: Evolving Perspectives

The theme of the 15th edition of Rwanda film Festival


On October 19th to the 26th 2019, The Rwanda Film Festival is back and this year we are celebrating our 15th edition.
The festival program includes screenings of mainly African and African diaspora fictions, documentaries, animations. The festival will also include an international panorama, and for its first time TV and Web series.

Daily press conference with filmmakers in competition, artists and special guests will allow media and public to meet and deepen the evolution of cinema in the continent and to witness the change in Africa. Cultural exhibitions of arts, photography and more are also part of the programme.

15th RFF theme is: NEW AFRICA, Evolving Perspectives.

The festival wants to enlighten young men and women of the African continent about the consciousness of telling positive African Stories as to balance the dynamics of the past negative and dark narrative that Africa has been presented with.We reach out into the past and forward  into the future as we present stories from our continent with dignity and elegance with all genre in the cinematic language that has been accessible to the community in our respective countries.

For this reason RFF will open to a selection of “genres” film: Action, Comedy, Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, Experimental and more. RFF becomes the 1st African Film Festival of Genres movies. The stories and the emotions represented in this kind of cinema are effectively a demonstration of the movement of change and the evolving perspective that Africa is showing to the world. RFF will also offer quality workshops to improve and build capacities of filmmakers and different actors of film industry


RFF will award and highlight the genres in African cinema.
RFF wants to underline the importance of moving out from a stereotyped and pre-conception of common African imagination by western culture and Hollywood particularly. Too often Africa in Cinema is related to problems, Afro-pessimism and more … The “Genre” Cinema often expresses the right and will to tell any kind of story in a free and entertaining way. Becoming also an important drive for distribution, economic income for filmmakers and so growth for the African film industry.
RFF will award films and productions such as:

Best Comedy , Best Thriller and Action,  Best Fantasy – Horror and Science Fiction,  Best Drama, Best Reality (Documentary, Docu-fiction), Best Experimental and Innovation Film,  Best Children Film and more

RFF will include also NEW TECHNOLOGIES and TV production
(Web series, Virtual Reality, 3D, Reality Shows and more)


The Rwanda Film Festival is also known as Hillywood in Rwanda. One of the main mission of the film festival it has been to take movies in the countryside and to show cinema in remote areas where there is less access to entertainment and education through the medium of Cinema.

Hillywood, seeks to promote local and global awareness, appreciation and understanding of the growing film industry in Rwanda and in East Africa. The Festival is organized every year by the Rwanda Cinema Centre in collaboration with the Kwetu Film Institute, the leading film school in the country.

The Rwanda film festival is here to present world class cinema experience with films from across the African continent and the African diaspora communities around the world. These are always complimented by an international selection of films that explore the heritage of different nations across the globe.