Soccer My Saviour

UK/Rwanda/2015/Short Documentary/30min | Director: Kyri Evangelou

Screening: Wednesday 27th July, Discover Rwanda Kimihurura, 19h 00

This is the story of Eric Murangwa, a Soccer player who, since surviving the Rwandan genocide of 1994,has dedicated his life to promoting peace and reconciliation through the

sport that saved his life. Eric recounts the special relationship he shared with his teammates, a bond that withstood the horrors of one of the worst atrocities in human history.



Director Bio:

Specialising in documentary, filmmaker Kyri Evangelou has a keen interest in current affairs, with a specific focus on ethnic conflict and civil war. With experience working within hostile and post conflict zones, his films offer an unflinching and candid look into the effects of war.

After completing his first short documentary in 2010, Kyri made the leap into feature film later than year as the editor of the documentary ‘Calabash’.

Since then his documentary work has taken him to the likes of Palestine, Kenya, Egypt and most recently Rwanda, the setting of ‘Soccer My Saviour’.

Kyri is also an editor and director for Vice News and Aegis Trust.