Rwanda & Juliet

USA/Canada/Rwanda/2016/Documentary/88min | Director: Ben Proudfoot

Screening: Saturday 23rd July, Gisenyi, 19h 35
Tuesday 26th July, Kwetu Film Institute,  19h 00

RWANDA & JULIET is a feature-length documentary that follows ivy league professor emeritus Andrew Garrod to Kigali, Rwanda, where he mounts Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with Rwandan college students from both Hutu and Tutsi backgrounds. Twenty years have passed since the 1994 Genocide that left 1,000,000 Tutsis dead. Predominantly orphans, the cast of young Rwandans, led by a stunning, strong headed Juliet, tackle their country’s past and their own future as hopes, expectations, pasts, personalities and cultures collide as opening night approaches.



Director Bio:

Award-winning director and producer Ben Proudfoot was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Beginning his film education at the University of Southern California, Proudfoot earned recognition for both his narrative and documentary short films that found wide global audiences, garnered Vimeo Staff Picks, and received acclaim from festivals and major studios.

In 2012, Proudfoot founded Breakwater Studios Ltd., where he and his team continue to produce documentary and scripted content.