Olağan Denemeler/ Random Attempts

Cyprus/2015/Short Narrative/8min | Director (s): Dogus Ozokutan, Vasvi Ciftcioglu

Screening: Monday 25th July, Kwetu Film Institute, 15h 25

Ayla who decides to commit suicide, somehow cannot succeed. Nevertheless she does not stop trying to kill herself



Director Bio:

Doğus Özokutan is a journalist, scriptwriter and director. She has been working in different media institutions as reporter, news editor and director for more than 8 years. Random Attempts [Olağan Denemeler] is her first professional short film but prior to that, she worked in several documentary projects. She studied International Relations and has a master’s degree in Economy. After working 4 years as a stockbroker, she decided to change her carrier and work for media to make her dreams come true.

Vasvi Çiftcioğlu is a director and journalist working for a bi-communal TV program broadcasted on CYBC. He studied Radio-TV and Film and has been working in media sector more than 15 years. He made several oral history documentaries and attended to international festivals. Random Attempts [Olağan Denemeler] is his first professional short film.