Saturday 23rd
Once Upon a Dream
Short Narrative/ Comedy
18h 00
Short documentary
18h 15
Diaporadical Trilogia
Short Narrative/Documentary
18h 35
Short Narrative/Drama/Comedy
18h 55
Song of the Monster
Short Narrative /Thriller/Drama
19h 15
Inside the Box
Short Narrative/ Drama/ Comedy
19h 25
Rwanda & Juliet
19h 35
Sunday 24th
La Última Partida
Short Narrative
18h 00
The Beast
Short Narrative/ Horror
18h 15
Across the Tracks
Short Narrative
18h 35
Out of the Village
Short Narrative
18h 55
I’ll be Home soon
Short Narrative
19h 10
Feature Suspense/Thriller
19h 30