The competition will try to break from the usual and classical style of festival. Therefore, RFF will award and highlight the genres in African cinema.

RFF wants to underline the importance of moving out from the stereotype and the pre-conception of a common African imagination by Western Culture and Hollywood particularly. Too often Africa in Cinema is related to problems, afro-pessimism and more …

The “Cinema de Genre” often expresses the right and will to tell any kind of story in a free and entertaining way. Becoming also an important drive for distribution, economical income for filmmakers and so a growth for the African film industry.

RFF will award films and productions for :

  • Best Comedy
  • Best Thriller and Action 
  • Best Fantasy – Horror and Science Fiction 
  • Best Drama
  • Best Reality (Documentary, Docu-fiction),
  • Best Experimental and Innovation 
  • Best Children Film
  • RFF will include also NEW TECHNOLOGIES and TV production (Web series, Virtual Reality, 3D, Reality Shows and more)



Festival film programme will be organized as such:

1. Official Selection
(Cinema and TV productions, short-doc-long features…)
2. Film School
(African film School from Africa and especially East Africa)
3. Innovation:
(digital entertainment, VR. Web production)
4. Panorama
(selection of international film)
5. Heritage (Selection of classics from African Cinema digitally restored)